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Yavorivskiy Ye. Nova Skvaryava. Historical studies Lviv, Liga - Press, 2002, 192 p.

This is the first investigation of the history of Nova Skvaryava, Zhovkivskiy rayon, Lvivska oblast. The book has been written in a popular form and includes a lot of literary materials since the most ancient times up to nowadays. Participation of Nova Skvaryava residents in UPA military actions is described in the most vivid manner. The book is well illustrated and contains the plan of the village and description of historical places.

Konoplya V., Yavorivskiy Z. Nova Skvaryava. Relics of Archaeology. Lviv, Noviy Chas, 2003, 48 p. Lviv Archaeological Sources Series. Iss. 3.

Archaeological essay of lost in ages traces of our predecessors staying on the territory of Nova Skvaryava in Zhovkivshchyne. On the basis of the materials collected by a local scholar Evhen Yavorivskiy ancient settlements and burial hills as well as historical monuments of the Early Middle ages have been identified. The edition is illustrated and contains information on material and spiritual culture of the people living here during the Neolithic Period, the Bronze age, Early Middle Ages of the Ancient Rus.

Kuzmyn S. My life and struggle. Lviv, 2003, 25 p.

Author's Reminiscences of the life put at the altar of Ukrainian independence. Stepan Kuzmyn recollects the time when an OUN branch was founded in his native village of Nova Skvaryava at the wave of National Renaissance, the time when Nova Skvaryava residents fought for Ukrainian Independence. The author narrates of his activities in the years of German occupation and emigration.

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VLADIMIR J. KAYE EARLY UKRAINIAN SETTLEMENTS IN CANAD 1895-1900. Dr. Josef Oleskow's Role in the Settlement of the Canadian Northwest. Toronto, 1964.

Details of Josyp Oleskiv staying in Canada as well as his activities aimed at Ukrainian emigration protection in Canada are presented.

Horak R. Ivan Franko and Zhovkivshchyna. Documentaries. Lviv, Logos, 2004

A well - known researcher in Ivan Franko life and activities Roman Horak tells of staying of the Great Kamenyar in Nova Skvaryava at his friend Josyp Oleskiv's residence. Considerable attention is paid to the life and activities of a famous scholar, translator, Ph. Doctor Josyp Oleksiv, who was born and lived in Skvaryava.

Zavada I. Irod Okayanniy: dramatic poem of 5 acts. - K: Prosvita Publishing Centre, 1999 - 112 p.

A story of the bloody regime of the tyrant and an enemy of the Christian truth. The author is Ivan Zavada, a Nova Skvaryava resident (born in 1913). A lawyer. Since his young years ivan Zavada actively participated in culture and political life in his country and in emigration. Being a junior student at a high school he started writing poems, humorous short stories and sketches for the scene, political and scientific essays. He made his doctorate "Riga agreement and Ukraine". Ivan Zavada was the head of Shevchenko Scientific Society and a member of the Ukrainian government in exile for many years.